52 Ways to Help Your Child Become a Confident Public Speaker

Carve Out 3 Minutes a Day for Impromptu Drill

When my kids were younger, we had a morning tradition that really improved their public speaking skills and was lots of fun.  What did we do every weekday?  Task #1 on the home school planner:   Each child gave a 3 minute Impromptu Speech.

In this 10 page eBook, you’ll learn how setting the kitchen timer for 2 minutes of prep, pulling out the notecards, and choosing a strip of paper with a prompt on it can really sharpen your child’s reading, thinking and public speaking skills because…

  • Prompts can spark ideas
  • Prompts can narrow the focus
  • Prompts can help organize thoughts

And the best part of getting started today is a huge time-saver for a time-starved home school mom!  You don’t have to spend any time searching the internet for prompts because I’ve already done the work for you.

In this eBook, you’ll find 52 prompts (one for each week of the year).  There are:

  • 16 phrase prompts
  • 16 abstract prompts
  • 20 quotation prompts

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52 speech prompts 10 pg ebook

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The Classical Scholar is Getting a Whole New Look!

Online High School Courses Coming Fall 2014

I am so excited about the changes that are coming to The Classical Scholar, and I know you will be, too!  My web development team is hard at work making it possible for me to host my private, 6 week online k-12 homeschool coaching course where I help you write a strategic semester curriculum plan, and show you how to teach reading, thinking, speaking, and writing using the very best classical methods.

Registration for this fabulous course will launch in Summer 2014, so sign up now at ourhomeschoolplanner.

And, coming up after that, we’ll roll out 2 online high school humanities courses using the Socratic Method and the classic texts of the Western Canon.  By the end of the Fall semester,  your teen will have become a more decisive thinker and engaging writer.  Yes!

Stay tuned!