4 Smart Steps to Teach Reading and Decoding Letters

decode sounds

How to Teach Reading by Decoding Letters One of the very first steps to teach reading is decoding the sounds of letters.  Many educators call this process deciphering phonetics, but I never told my kids they were learning phonics.  Rather, I knew how much my kids loved solving puzzles, so I told … [Read more...]

How Knowing Your Kid’s Learning Style Makes Teaching Easier

what's my child's learning style?

Do You Know Your Child's Learning Style? In order to make the most of out of your teaching efforts and your child's ability to comprehend and apply what you are teaching, you need to customize the homeschool curriculum so that you teach to her predominant learning style. Learning style is just a … [Read more...]

How to Write Nonfiction Like a Professional Journalist

teach your child to write like a pro

Teach Teens to Write Like Pros Your homeschool teen will experience a victorious "turning point" if he applies the principles of excellent nonfiction writing as outlined in Philip Yaffe's new writing manual, The Gettysburg Approach to Writing & Speaking Like a Professional. 5 Tips for Better … [Read more...]