Mistakes I Made in My Zeal to Craft Well-Trained Minds

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My Classical Home School Was Like Public School on Steroids When I began my journey toward an authentic classical Christian home education, I initially welcomed the strict boundaries of the commonly-held notion of a three-stage, four-year cycle known as the grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages.  Since I wasn't classically educated, I was ignorant and needed someone to tell me what to do and how to … [Read more...]

If You Want a Self-Reliant Teen, Start Now with These 4 Tips

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Set the Stage for Independent Study During High School When my kids little bitty, I spent a lot of time and energy supervising the daily homeschool assignments; I even gave them a daily to-do list to make sure that they got all of their work done.  As they matured, I stopped giving them daily tasks; instead, I intentionally gave them a weekly calendar of assignments. I didn’t care when they got … [Read more...]

7 Laws that Will Make You a Better Homeschool Teacher

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It's Not Too Late to Recover Your Inheritance If you'd been born in the U.S. before 1918, you would have received a form of classical education just like scores of American children.  But after the great wave of immigration that began in 1880 and exploded in the first decade of the 20th Century, classical education was phased out of the country's public schools because of a severe shortage of … [Read more...]

A Quick Primer: Classical Education “The Well-Trained Mind” Way

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The Well-Trained Mind Launched Homeschooling Families Like Mine When I first embraced homeschooling, I built my house upon the rock of The Well-Trained Mind, an interpretation of classical education which systematized the “lost tools of learning” educational theory of Dorothy Sayers. Authors Wise and Bauer are wildly popular within the classical homeschooling community (claiming 500,000+ parents … [Read more...]

Can Unschooling and Classical Homeschooling Work Together?

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How Can You Take the Best of Both Homeschooling Methods? More often than not, I hear from homeschooling moms who burned out trying to do the neoclassical (12 year, 3 stage) version of classical education, but occasionally, I hear from the other end of the education spectrum: a homeschooling mom who wonders if she can merge the best of unschooling education philosophy with teaching the three … [Read more...]