Can Unschooling and Classical Homeschooling Work Together?

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How Can You Take the Best of Both Homeschooling Methods? More often than not, I hear from homeschooling moms who burned out trying to do the neoclassical (12 year, 3 stage) version of classical education, but occasionally, I hear from the other end of the education spectrum: a homeschooling mom who wonders if she can merge the best of unschooling education philosophy with teaching the three … [Read more...]

For Better Public Speaking Skills, Try These 3 Classical Speeches

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In the Greco-Roman and medieval world, classical orators gave three kinds of speeches:  political, legal, and ceremonial.  Classical rhetoric identifies them as deliberative oratory, forensic oratory, or epideictic oratory.  Although these are ancient forms of communication, they are timeless speeches in that they’re still practiced effectively today in the public realm including legislatures, … [Read more...]

10 Questions to Ask When Stylizing a Homeschool Speech or Essay

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Writing and Speaking with Style is Like Painting Word Pictures In the old days of classical rhetoric, style was known as elocutio from the Latin loqui which means “to speak.”  Breathtaking style is one of those nebulous things that is challenging to describe, but you know it when you see it!  In this regard, brilliant style is tough to define because each orator or writer expresses a unique … [Read more...]

5 Easy Strategies for Memorizing the Bible

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Bible Memory is Critical If You Want Your Child to Grow Commit to daily Bible study, memory, and recitation in your classical homeschool if you want to see inward and outward transformation in your child.  Start each morning together around the breakfast table with community recitation of this week’s Scripture passage.  Recite the entire passage in unison, or work your way around the table by … [Read more...]

How to Win the Homeschooling Race & Make it to High School Graduation


Why Classical Homeschooling is Like an Auto Race Living in Indianapolis, home of the Indy 500 and the world’s greatest spectacle, I often think that classical homeschooling requires a similar level of tactical strategy, precision adjustments, and extreme endurance as an auto race. Every Memorial Day Weekend for the last 100 years, massive crowds gather at the Speedway to watch this exciting … [Read more...]