How does Charlotte Mason Interpret Classical Education?

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Why Is the Charlotte Mason Method So Popular? The profound influence of Charlotte Mason, a dedicated educator of young women in Victorian England, continues to shape the classical home education philosophy of many contemporary homeschooling parents.  During the mid to late 1800s, Miss Charlotte Mason served as headmistress to an “infant” school, founded a teacher’s college for young women, and … [Read more...]

What’s the Secret Behind a Christian Education?

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Education and the Transfer of Knowledge is Never Neutral The difference between Christian home education and secular education is Bible study…right?  Actually, no; it’s so much more than that.  First let’s look at how the world see education. In contemporary Western culture, education is defined as... ...the objective transfer of knowledge from an expert to a novice." Using various tools, … [Read more...]

Andrew Pudewa on When to Start Formal Writing Lessons

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When Should You Start Formal Writing Instruction? If you’ve read Trivium Mastery, my handbook for homeschooling kids grades k-8, you know that I’m an avid Andrew Pudewa fan; I mention his methods for teaching writing in several chapters, and I dedicate five pages of the appendix to summarizing his stylistic writing “dress-ups.” Even though it’s been several years since I gave my last formal … [Read more...]

4 Smart Steps to Teach Reading and Decoding Letters

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How to Teach Reading by Decoding Letters One of the very first steps to teach reading is decoding the sounds of letters.  Many educators call this process deciphering phonetics, but I never told my kids they were learning phonics.  Rather, I knew how much my kids loved solving puzzles, so I told them that "learning how to read is like solving a puzzle." As a literate adult, you already have all … [Read more...]

High School Writing: Combine Multiple Sources

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Writing Success Strategy # 3 When coming up with a debatable idea for an essay or research paper, your homeschool high school student needs to learn three "must-know" writing strategies.  We've already covered how important it is to (1) work backwards to establish hard writing deadlines and (2) eliminate all but three key writing topics using the 80-20 rule.   With due dates and three topics in … [Read more...]