How Will You Celebrate Accomplishments?

celebrate homeschool accomplishments

Woohoo!  It’s time to sing, shout, dance, share some ice cream, put together a family showcase, or all of the above!  You have managed to give your homeschool your own personal Classical Makeover.  That’s something to get excited about!  Trivium skills mastery has improved in several areas, changes have been made to the plan so that next semester you keep moving forward, and you are firmly on the road that leads to trivium mastery and that authentic classical home education that you want for your kids.  It’s party time!

To begin your discovery, complete the following “absorb, do, and connect” activities.

Absorb Activities:

Do Activities:

  • classical education do actitiviesCalculate your kid’s pride-o-meter scale
  • Tell one family member about the big event
  • Call the church secretary and ask her to publish the good news in the next bulletin
  • Browse fav blogs on topic
  • Did you know…?

Connect Activities:

  • classical education connect activitiesComplete the pdf
  • Make your own Yay for You reward cards
  • text Arrange showcase scrapbook publish paper live demo
  • Share your good news with the local newspaper
  • Create a scrapbook with the kids of major achievements

Successfully completing a major task like the one that you just completed (drafting a strategic semester plan and seeing it fulfilled) is so satisfying.  You’ll want to repeat the steps of this initial Classical Makeover several times throughout the years from birth to tween.  Sometime during the tween years, you’ll evaluate trivium mastery for your homeschool child and realize that he has substantially mastered all three skills and is ready to move beyond the classical trivium to the big ideas of life and high school work.  When that day dawns, go to the Classical Makeover for High School:  Where Will You Go After the Classical Trivium?