How Does Real-Life Compare to the Semester Plan?

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Okay, you’ve taught the trivium for twelve to fifteen weeks, and you have a good idea of how real-life over the last few weeks has measured up to the Strategic Semester Plan that you crafted. What homeschool curriculum worked?  Which components did not work?  What skills were mastered?  Which trivium skills still need work?

One important thing to remember:  favorable and unfavorable variances from the plan are completely normal!  Sometimes unexpected family issues derail the best-laid programs, and everyday distractions often interrupt progress and delay fulfillment.  No worries.  Mastery of the three skills WILL come eventually, and you, as parents, need to keep your eyes on the long-term vision and make adjustments as necessary.  If you know what your absolute, essential “yes” to-dos are for the child, it will be easier to eliminate the fluff that might seem like fun but doesn’t help you reach your goals.

To begin your discovery, complete the following “absorb, do, and connect” activities.

Absorb Activities:

Do Activities:

Connect Activities:

After you have compared the strategic plan to what really happened this semester in your homeschool, you you’ll want to make adjustments.