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The Classical Scholar offers online courses in elementary Christian education for home school parents and teachers, especially how to teach children the three skills of the trivium using lesson plans, teaching tutorials, childrens' books, and blog posts. We also offer online high school classes in Honors English (literature, writing, speech) and Honors Social Studies (history, government, Bible studies) using classical education methods and the great books of the Western Canon for transcript credit.

Our mission is twofold. First, we want to inspire moms and teachers to raise disciples of Jesus Christ who understand that Christianity is not meant to be kept to ourselves. Secondly, we want to equip Christian teens with the tools they need for effective servant leadership that brings Kingdom values like justice and mercy to their families, their neighborhoods, their countries, and the nations. (Acts 1:8)

How Do You Home School Classically?

❦Teach Skills, NOT Artificial Grade Levels

Classical education, if taught like it was for most of Western history, can be enormously liberating, creative, and energizing!  How do you home school classically?  Spend the early years from birth to ‘tween teaching your child the three basic skills of the trivium:

After your ‘tween has substantially mastered the trivium, you’ll craft unique high school courses for transcript credit that expose him to the big ideas as expressed in the classic “Great Books” of the Western Canon.

❦Take a Tutorial, or Use Our k-12 Lesson Plans

But if you were educated in a public school, you need help transforming the abstract idea of a classical education into a satisfying reality.  That’s where we come in…David and I have been working out the daily details of an authentic classical Christian education for over 13 years, and we want to show you how to home school using the very best methods and ideas that Western Christianity has to offer.  In our live and recorded “Teaching Tutorials” (online courses or workshop for parents), we’ll help you:

  • Plan the Semester

  • Select the Appropriate Homeschool Curriculum

  • Teach the 3 Skills of the Trivium

Or maybe you are looking for specific k-12 Lesson Plans for teaching the three skills of the trivium.  These downloadable “Quick Guides to Teaching” will show you how to teach your children subjects like English grammar, spelling, writing, multiplication tables, the scientific method, and a host of other skills of the trivium.  Our Quick Guides will really make your life as a home school teacher much easier by taking away the stress of researching usage rules, plus they’ll save you time since we’ve compiled lots exercises so you can focus on teaching the key concepts of the lesson plan.

❦Order An Honors Online High School Class

If you’ve got a teenager, you know it’s time to get serious about crafting the high school transcript for academic credit.  Our particular passion and focus is equipping Christian servant leaders to be critical thinkers who have excellent written and oral communication skills.  We know from first hand experience with our own kids that training them in the humanities will expose them to the really big themes of Christianity and Western culture.  That’s why we have been teaching live honors high school classes in English and Social Studies for over 5 years in:

Now we are finally getting around to recording these online high school courses so that they are available to your home school teens 24/7 around the clock for self-directed study.

❦Give a Classical Christian Education Today

National leaders on two continents received an excellent Christian education using classical methods for over two thousand years.  At this critical time in history, the common 12 year educational paradigm cannot possibly begin to prepare your child for the high calling on his life.  Now your family can experience the freedom and delights of an authentic classical home education.

The time has come to prepare him for his ultimate purpose in life.  Just as Jesus tells His disciples in Acts 1:8, your sons and daughters have a vital role to play in being effective witnesses from the small circle of family and friends to global platforms of influence for the Kingdom’s sake.  Won’t you follow the example of the West’s greatest men and women, and give your kids the classical Christian home education that will best prepare them for their calling?

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