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Educate Yourself

while you homeschool your children

Plan with Precision.

Teach with Confidence.

 Prepare for College.

Learn With Other Bright Homeschool Moms

Classical Scholar shows moms how to bring more inspiration, imagination, and innovation to homeschool planning and teaching through our online courses and Carpe Diem planners.  

Online Courses

Homeschool Planners

We also teach through blog posts, podcasts, quick-start guides, classic kids' bookstores, and Trivium Mastery to help you become an expert in classical homeschooling.

"An educated child is one who knows how to use his native language to reason critically to communicate effectively."

Diane Lockman

Learn What Skills to Teach in k-8

Classical Scholar shows moms creative ways to teach four essential intellectual skills:  reading, critical thinking, writing, and public speaking.  You'll finally know WHAT to do, and HOW to do it!

Reading Skills
Reading Skills
Thinking Skills
Thinking Skills
Writing Skills
Writing Skills
Speaking Skills
Speaking Skills

"Classical high school is an open system for learning how to think and communicate about life's most meaningful ideas."

Diane Lockman

Learn What Subjects to Teach in High School

Classical Scholar shows moms how to choose subjects that tell a story through the high school transcript,  positioning your teen for relevant internships, high SAT/ACT scores, and academic scholarships.

English high school credit
English Courses
high school history courses
History Courses
math high school classical
Math Courses
science high school classical
Science Courses
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Classical education is a great method, but is it the right one for your homeschooling family?

You're going to love Classical Scholar if you like:

  • structure, but also enjoy spontaneity
  • having free time to explore & be artistic
  • learning "outside the box"
  • creating your own DIY projects
  • browsing pinterest & instagram for inspiration

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