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10 Homeschool Science Projects in Architecture Energize the Curriculum {day 5}

By Diane Lockman | Aug 26, 2016

Creative Science Projects in Architecture that Boost the Standard Homeschool Curriculum Homeschool science fair projects abound, but in this post I want to zero in and narrow the focus on physics as it relates to ancient architecture in 5 major civilizations. Why physics?  Of all the science disciplines (anatomy, geology, astronomy just to name a few),…

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Puzzling Projects to Round Out Your Homeschool Logic Curriculum {day 4}

By Diane Lockman | Aug 25, 2016

Homeschool Logic Curriculum Is Not Enough Homeschool logic shouldn’t be dreadful! When my kids were still at home, we used a couple of different logic curricula, and boy, were they BORING!  Dry drill of Aristotle’s syllogisms nearly put us all to sleep and gave us splitting headaches as we tried to figure out premises, fallacies,…

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Homeschool Literature Projects for Egypt, Israel, Greece, Persia, & Rome {day 3}

By Diane Lockman | Aug 24, 2016

Homeschool Literature Projects that Tell Stories of Ancient Cultures Most homeschool literature projects revolve around ONE classic children’s book like Anne of Green Gables or The Trumpet of the Swan. Typically, the kid creates some type of illustration to demonstrate her mastery and understanding of the book.  For example, your daughter may organize a trifold display…

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Creative Homeschool History Projects for 5 Ancient Civilizations {day 2}

By Diane Lockman | Aug 23, 2016

Hands-On Homeschool History Projects Are Perfect for Learning About Government How ancient people governed is a fascinating field of study for your homeschoolers, especially given the fact that these five civilizations influenced our own founders (Greece’s democracy and Rome’s republic) and Christian Church (Israel).  Any homeschool kid who’s studying the Old Testament knows about Israel’s…

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Fun Homeschool Art Projects With Textiles {day 1}

By Diane Lockman | Aug 22, 2016

Design Your Own Wearable Homeschool Art Projects Like the Ancient Cultures Don’t confine your homeschool art projects to painting; there are lots of other creative ways to explore and play with aesthetic beauty like sculpting, metalworking, animation, and composing music.  In this series, we’re specifically looking at five ancient civilizations (Egypt, Israel, Greece, Persia, &…

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5 Days of Creative Homeschool Project Ideas in Art, History, Literature, Logic, & Science

By Diane Lockman | Aug 19, 2016

Fun Homeschool Project Ideas for Hands-On, Self-Directed Learning {5 Day Hopscotch} Would you like to have a kid who knows how to direct and manage his own learning?  Of course you would!  But first, you need to pause and consider this important question: Does your child think his education is for you or for him? Many…

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Math Concepts in 3D: Simple Books to Supplement Homeschool Math Curriculum

By Diane Lockman | Aug 9, 2016

Math Mastery Requires Both a Two-Dimensional Textbook and Three-Dimensional Hands-On Experiences Real-life math is not two-dimensional like the homework exercises in a math textbook, yet most homeschool moms hand their kids a math curriculum up to 5 days a week and expect them to learn complicated math concepts like geometric planes, cones, and distance with flat drawings,…

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What Charlotte Mason Knew About the Classical Narrative Composition {day 10}

By Diane Lockman | Jul 30, 2016

Compose Yourself for this Classical Lesson on Narrative Composition Skill:  Writing | COMPOSITION When teaching your child how to write a composition, you have a lot of choices which fall within two major genres: poetry and prose.  Poetry has a particular rhyme, rhythm, and verse structure; homeric epics, Greek dramas, and Shakespeare’s sonnets would qualify as good…

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To Paraphrase Charlotte Mason, You’ve Got to Put It In Your Own Words {Classical Methods # 9}

By Diane Lockman | Jul 28, 2016

Charlotte Mason and the Classical Method Now Known as Paraphrase Skill:  Writing | PARAPHRASE Paraphrase…a fancy multi-syllable word for a simple, one idea concept. In Victorian England, Charlotte would’ve called it rendition or reproduction. You’ve heard the vocabulary root ‘para’ thousands of times before, right?  Paratrooper, parachurch, paragraph, paramount, and in today’s Charlotte Mason post on…

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