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My Favorite Bible Study Tips for Families Doing a Classical Christian Education

By Diane Lockman | Sep 25, 2016

Family Bible Studies:  The Cornerstone of Our Homeschool Curriculum In our classical Christian homeschool, studying Scripture took priority over all other subjects or activities. First place.  Why is that? Are we “Bible-thumpers” who learn Scripture so that they can correct others? No, we want to drink deeply of Scripture because we find that the Lord regularly reveals His character through His Word,…

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STEM Homeschool: Math Assignments Are Better When they Solve Real-World Problems

By Diane Lockman | Sep 17, 2016

STEM Math Activities Replace Hypotheticals with Relevant Problem-Solving Granted every kid needs a serious homeschool math curriculum that will carry him from elementary school through high school graduation…one that is serial in nature, circling back around every now and then to review math concepts that have already been learned…a homeschool math curriculum that will adequately prepare…

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STEM Education: Engineering Activities Are More Valuable When Your Kid Builds a 3-D Model

By Diane Lockman | Sep 16, 2016

Engineering Mustn’t Wait ‘Til College or Career; Homeschoolers Should Tinker Now with STEM Nearly forty years ago, my husband David got an electrical engineering degree from Vanderbilt University back when computers were in their infancy.  After ten years as a software engineer, he went to law school, and for the last thirty years, he’s secured patents and worked directly with inventors…

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STEM Technology Lessons Are Best When they Reframe Failure as a Necessary Part of Learning

By Diane Lockman | Sep 15, 2016

STEM (or STEAM) Learning Naturally Allows for Multiple Right Answers Especially in Technology Ask any 21st century homeschool kid what you mean by the word technology, and I’ll bet you get answers like ‘smartphone, video games, or virtual reality goggles.” True, these are relevant examples of technology which would be a perfect connection to the broader meaning…

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STEM Education: Science Fair Projects Are Most Effective When Questions Are Open-Ended

By Diane Lockman | Sep 14, 2016

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math (STEAM) Education Encourages Exploration STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) curricula was a new concept ten years ago when I took my middle school kids to the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), the world’s largest international pre-college science competition which was hosted at the Indianapolis Convention Center. Meandering through the rows…

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Homeschool High School Writing Tip #1: Assign Firm Writing Deadlines

By Diane Lockman | Sep 8, 2016

Homeschool Writing Success Strategy Tip # 1: Synthesize Reading skills are essential to perfecting writing skills, but knowing “how to read” is not enough.  To be a true classical scholar, your homeschool high school student needs to learn how to synthesize multiple evidentiary sources. To synthesize sources means to read a broad variety of books, articles, or other media…

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Homeschool Geography Curriculum Review – “The Adventurous Mailbox” {8-12 Year Olds}

By Diane Lockman | Sep 1, 2016

Crameye’s Mysterious Letters Could Be the Catalyst for a Fun Geography Unit Study Several years ago, my homeschooling family spent a summer living high up in the Andes Mountains of Huancayo, Peru.  It was a terrific adventure full of culture shock like the time our new friends served us a delicacy called ‘cuy’ (guinea pigs served for…

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20 Illustrated Kids’ Books Used in the 10 Post Charlotte Mason Series

By Diane Lockman | Aug 29, 2016

Charlotte Mason Series – 20 Library Books Before teaching my ten Charlotte Mason & Classical Methods lessons, you’ll need to either order the books online or find them at your local library.  Here’s a convenient, time-saving way to grab all twenty classic kids’ books in one fell swoop. Option 1:  Check Out Library Books Here…

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10 Homeschool Science Projects in Architecture Energize the Curriculum {day 5}

By Diane Lockman | Aug 26, 2016

Creative Science Projects in Architecture that Boost the Standard Homeschool Curriculum Homeschool science fair projects abound, but in this post I want to zero in and narrow the focus on physics as it relates to ancient architecture in 5 major civilizations. Why physics?  Of all the science disciplines (anatomy, geology, astronomy just to name a few),…

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