Educate Yourself


Put Your Own Education First

If you're familiar with my interpretation of classical education, you won't be surprised to learn that I believe you should shop for yourself first when it comes to homeschool curriculum.  Before shopping for homeschool curriculum that meets the needs of your kids, add a few essential primers to your own classical education library so that you can come up to speed and refresh your memory.  Educate yourself before teaching your kids. 

Favorite Homeschool Curriculum for Parents

If Teaching the Reading (Grammar) Skills

If Teaching the Critical Thinking (Logic) Skills

If Teaching Writing & Public Speaking (Rhetoric) Skills

Don't Skimp on Your Own Classical Education

Remember the 7 Laws of Teaching?  The authentic classical model involves a master and an apprentice. The master (you) has achieved mastery (changed behavior) over the skill or subject matter, and her responsibility is to give the apprentice (your child) relevant learning experiences and plenty of practice so that he also moves along the continuum towards mastery (changed behavior).

So many moms rush into homeschool curriculum purchases without first thinking about their own education! Don't put the horse before the cart.  Your own classical education is crucial to the success of your child's classical education, so invest some time, money, and energy into finding homeschool curriculum that educates you so that you can educate your kids!



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