94 Homeschool Field Trip Ideas from A-Z


Plan Field Trips, and Work Your Way through the ABCs

When the kids were younger, one of my favorite breaks from the daily homeschool routine was field trips! Not only do they provide a way to get out of the house, but they almost always offer a hands-on experience that is hard to get from learning at home with books.

Manufacturers are usually eager to explain their production processes to future engineers while municipal organizations like courtrooms and city council meetings welcome young citizens to watch our government at work. Local theaters often host spontaneous conversations with the actors and backstage tours after the show. Farmers love to introduce city kids to the joys of milking cows, gathering eggs, and mucking out the stalls.

Add Homeschool Field Trips to the Lesson Plans

Coordinating homeschool field trips with homeschool lesson plans is also a great way to expand and enhance understanding, so for example, if you are learning about electricity at home, why not call your local power board or dam and ask them for a tour of the power plant? When book learning at home is not enough, consider adding any of these 92 field trip ideas to supplement your lesson plans and homeschool curriculum.

Homeschool Field Trips – Letter A

  • airport
  • architect
  • art gallery
  • auto manufacturer
  • aquarium
  • arboretum

Homeschool Field Trips – B

  • bakery
  • biotech facility
  • bottling plant
  • butcher
  • batting cage

Homeschool Field Trips – C

  • city/county council meetings
  • courtroom
  • construction site
  • concert

Homeschool Field Trips – D

  • dental lab
  • dairy
  • diplomatic embassy
  • dam
  • drama

Homeschool Field Trips – E

  • electric power distribution center
  • eyeglass workroom
  • egg hatchery

Homeschool Field Trips – F

  • fire station
  • farm
  • furniture craftsman
  • fishery

Homeschool Field Trips – G

  • grocery store loading dock
  • grain silo
  • glass blower
  • games (MLB or NCAA sporting events)

Homeschool Field Trips – H

  • humane society
  • honeybee farm
  • hatmaker
  • historic house
  • horse show
  • hospital

Homeschool Field Trips – I

  • ice cream factory
  • icerink
  • investment brokerage

Homeschool Field Trips – J

  • jail
  • jeweler
  • judge’s chambers

Homeschool Field Trips – K

  • keyboard store
  • knitting shop
  • kayak excursion

Homeschool Field Trips – L

  • landfill
  • library
  • logging area

Homeschool Field Trips – M

  • museum
  • machine shop
  • mapmaker
  • marina
  • miniature golf
  • musical theatre

Homeschool Field Trips – N

  • naval port
  • newsroom
  • nursing home
  • nunnery

 Homeschool Field Trips – O

  • observatory
  • orchard
  • opthamologist

Homeschool Field Trips – P

  • post office
  • police station
  • printer
  • paint factory
  • planetarium

Homeschool Field Trips – Q

  • quilting store
  • quarry

Homeschool Field Trips – R

  • recycling center
  • research lab
  • restaurant
  • radio station
  • reservoir

Homeschool Field Trips – S

  • state legislature
  • state park
  • shipyard
  • smithy
  • seamstress
  • science center

Homeschool Field Trips – T

  • tv station
  • telecommunications center
  • tearoom

Homeschool Field Trips – U

  • university
  • urban mission

Homeschool Field Trips – V

  • veterinarian
  • vineyard
  • village

Homeschool Field Trips – W

  • wastewater treatment plant
  • weather station

Homeschool Field Trips –  X

  • xray lab

Homeschool Field Trips – Y

  • youth center
  • yogurt shop

Homeschool Field Trips – Z

  • zoo
  • zipline

Don’t forget to take photos, collect souvenirs, and save programs so that you can keep a detailed school record for your portfolio or scrapbook.  If you are looking for specific ideas in your own neighborhood, Hip Homeschool Moms blog has a super list of field trips by state.  Enjoy!


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