21 Homeschool Freebies for Teaching Critical Thinking Skills

critical thinking skills21 Free Homeschool Projects, Printables, & Worksheets for Teaching Logic Skills

Don’t limit your homeschool planning search to curriculum fairs…there are lots of free homeschool materials online!  Here are 21 imaginative projects, printables, and worksheets that you incorporate into your teaching strategies today.  I’ve organized the links so that they fall within each critical thinking category on my Road Map to Mastery Checklist.

  1. How to Arrange Data

  1. How to Solve Problems

  1. How to Structure and Analyze Arguments

  1. How to Use the Scientific Method

  1. How to Analyze Literature

  1. How to Research a Topic

  1. How to Listen

You know, when I was homeschooling, I loved getting creative with teaching; for instance, we dedicated Fridays to real-life math problem-solving.  Do you have creative ideas for teaching critical thinking skills?  If so, tell me below in the comments, and feel free to link to your homeschool blog if you’ve got illustrations or instructions to your lesson plans.


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