Meet Classical Education Coach & Author, Diane Lockman

When my son died unexpectedly as an infant, I was overwhelmed with grief, confusion, and despair.

Davis Bedford Lockman was born with a congenital birth defect that was eventually fatal. I wasn’t prepared for the shock of empty arms, but my family, friends, and co-workers gathered around and carried me through six months of living hell.

Of all the flowers I received, yellow rosebuds touched me on a deep level.  The velvety texture of the petals reminded me of my baby’s fuzzy cheeks.  Tightly closed buds seemed so appropriate for an infant who would never mature into a fully opened rose.

I’ve got two yellow rosebushes outside my office window now, and even 25 years later, they remind me of the gift of my son.  August 1991 was my darkest hour, but it was a crucial turning point for me because I learned…

There are no guarantees in life.  Every single day is a gift from God.  

Losing my son was a painful wake-up call, but Davis changed my priorities on a fundamental level.  I realized that people were more important than paychecks.  I began to intentionally live every day as if it were my last, and in that total surrender to God’s sovereignty, I found joy.

What if this were the last day you had with your children?

Would you make different choices?  

When I began homeschooling, I was determined to make wise choices with eternal significance, and to make every day count. I researched homeschooling methods, and the ideals of classical education resonated with me:

    • teach 3 simple skills
    • talk about big ideas
    • raise kids who can think for themselves

What I didn’t know then, but I know now is this residual treasure:  classical education equips and prepares kids to be people of influence.  Leaders.  Change-agents.  Innovators.

Kids who master reading, thinking, writing, and speaking skills are equipped to learn any bit of knowledge they want to learn, and they have great joy in taking responsibility for their own learning. But best of all, they have something that their peers don’t have:  exposure to life’s biggest themes through the classics of the Western Canon and the persuasive writing and speaking skills to move people with gentleness, grace, and clarity. What do you want for your kids?

What do you want to leave behind when your day is done?  

You’ve only got one life to give, and childhood is over before you know it.  Don’t waste your time and energy on irrelevant homeschooling choices.  If authentic classical education resonates with you, I want help you realize your biggest dreams and experience your greatest joy. I’m in this for the long-term.  My kids are grown, so now I can focus my full attention on you and your kids.  Lord willing, I intend to be here to see you through to high school graduation so that I can celebrate your victories.

I won’t waste your time teaching you things that don’t matter.

I won’t help you solve problems that don’t exist.

I won’t abandon you when you’ve got questions.

I will walk alongside you, and show you how to teach the skills to your k-8 grade kids.  I will support you in the high school years with honors humanities courses that equip your teen to be the innovative leader he is called to be.  And I will rejoice with you when your homeschooling joy is made complete! May your day be full of JOY and LOVE!



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