Read-Aloud Every Day for Better Readers, Writers, & Speakers

reading aloud homeschool readersDo You Want to Improve Your Child’s Reading, Writing, and Speaking Skills?

Author of the elementary series A History of US, Joy Hakim, argues that public school teachers spend so much time teaching strategies for reading and analyzing paragraphs that there is no longer enough classroom time for reading whole books! Hakim clearly prefers the reading strategies adopted by homeschoolers:

Today, it is only homeschoolers, and children at a few elite or unusual schools who even read as much as one whole book. Teachers are much too busy teaching reading to actually let their students read a nonfiction book.

[Read the rest of Hakim’s thoughts in Let Them Read Whole Books, March 2010]

Now I think you know that Hakim is exaggerating her point (I’m sure your child reads more than one whole book in a school year), but you understand her philosophy of education:  children learn how to read by reading whole books!  

Commit to Daily Reading Aloud in Your Homeschool

And not only do children learn reading skills when you read whole books, but studies show that when you read aloud to your child, he becomes a better writer, speller, listener, and speaker!

I’ve done a bit of research on this and discovered three studies performed by the U.S. Department of Education that support this premise which I shared in a teaching workshop in 2009 before the Indiana Association of Home Educators.  Have a listen, and hope you enjoy!

So you see, reading is an accrued skill meaning the more you read, the better you become at reading.  Want to read more about the U.S. Department of Education studies on reading and literacy?

And don’t forget that author E. B. White includes all 44 sounds in English in his childrens’ classics, Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little, so make sure you get a copy from the library or bookstore to add to your homeschool reading inventory  for reading aloud!

So no matter how busy you are with daily household chores or homeschool tasks like teaching the math and science curriculum, make a daily commitment to read aloud to your homeschool kids.  Don’t let up! Make daily read-aloud a priority in your homeschool!


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