The Secret to Raising a Kid Who Loves Reading Independently

homeschool reading tipsHow to Raise a Kid Who Loves to Read

Do you want a kid who absolutely loves reading?  Orchestrate your daily routine so that he sees you reading all the time.

You know the old adage:  “Monkey See…Monkey Do.”

If your goal is to raise a homeschool child who loves to read books, you’ve got to show him that YOU love to read books, too.  Model the behavior that you want to see.  Like the little monkey, your youngster will imitate you.

In this case, that means that if your heart’s desire is to raise a child who enjoys reading, your kids need to see you and your spouse doing your own reading every day.  You can certainly read the newspaper before they get out of bed, and of course, you are allowed to read your favorite novel in your own bed after the kids go to sleep, but make sure that during the day the kids see you reading.

Have Daddy read the newspaper out loud to the kids at the breakfast table.  When it’s time for the kids to do their independent reading, don’t go to the computer to check emails…sit down with a pleasant novel, and read with them!  Put a basket in the bathroom for comic strips, magazines, and illustrated books.

If all they see you do with your free time is watch television or sit at the computer, then guess how they will choose to spend their free time as adults?

Wind down at night with good books; turn off the TV, and invite the whole family to grab some books and a comfortable pillow for reading on their own.  One easy way to get your homeschooling husband and dad involved is to give him an illustrated classic for read-aloud to the entire family.  Daddy’s read-aloud time will quickly become a favorite family activity that your kids remember for years to come.

Motivating your child to find pleasure in independent reading is a challenge that you can achieve.  All you really have to do is let him make his own book choices, identify his preferences, make time for practice, and model the behavior you want to see.  Pretty soon you’ll begin to see improved reading fluency, expanded vocabulary, and contextual knowledge which will contribute to his confidence and pleasure.  I guarantee it!

Keep reading aloud,


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