How to Teach Writing Using the Rules of Storytelling {VIDEO}

how to teach homeschool writing using stories

Use 4 Storytelling Rules to Teach Writing

In this Mom’s Course Teaching Workshop, we’re talking about how learning the rules or conventions of storytelling can not only help you teach literary analysis, but can also help your homeschool child improve his writing skills.  In this homeschool planning workshop (28:03), you’ll learn how asking the:

  • “Who” question identifies the hero and his motivations (character)
  • “What” question reveals the plot, obstacles, and resolution (Greek story chart)
  • “When and where” discloses the time and place of the story (setting)
  • “Why” gets to the meaning of the story (lesson or theme)

In order to help your child visualize and organize the storyline, use post-it notes as frames or diagram story flow using arrows like this Red Riding Hood example.

I also share several writing lesson plans so that you don’t have to start from scratch:


Other Writing Resources


Free Narration Template Helps Younger Children Practice Writing Skills

When my kids were homeschooling in early elementary, I used this Narration Template every single day.  We’d read an illustrated story, then I’d ask them to draw a picture and narrate their understanding.  I used this for discussing all the elements of storytelling, especially character, setting, and conflict. Would you like a FREE copy?

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